The business plan

“Zone Inspire is an online leader in visually inspired products for people who use personal development tools. The main objective of the company is to provide quality decorative products to its customers to allow them to increase their motivation and inspiration. The company therefore makes available maps, wall stickers, photographs, canvas, metal plates as well as various small related products including words or positive quotes. So the ultimate goal is to help people so that they can reach their full potential.

The business was established and is operated by Simon Desjardins-Hogue, a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces. By dint of living difficult situations both as a soldier and as a father, he felt the need to develop his own visualization tools, which allowed him to surpass himself in various contexts and conditions. It was during his research and reading that Simon discovered the principles of the Law of Attraction, which today is the foundation of the business.

By offering you quality Quebec products, Zone Inspire takes your personal well-being and that of your family to heart. So embark on the path to happiness with us! “

Mission and objectives

Zone Inspire’s philosophy is to help people reach their goals and develop their full potential. Through several inspiring products, Zone Inspire aims to help people find the inspiration and motivation they need to reach their goals and get the future they deserve. Our value is that we want to transform people’s lives and help them achieve their dreams. We have the happiness of everyone at heart!