For me as for you, life passes at full speed. Children, work, family…. what things to organize! This beautiful story started with challenges like you all meet. So I started looking for a solution that would allow me to improve my daily life, become more optimistic and appreciate the choices I made. It took several tries before I found the right method for me. The simplest and most effective technique in my case was visualization. I started to cut out pictures and phrases that inspired me and put them up on my office wall. I watched them every day, thought about them all the time and it helped me a lot in achieving my goals. Little by little, I started to create more personalized and targeted tools according to my needs.

I have always considered myself as a visionary, an entrepreneur and I wanted to take on new professional challenges. For several years, I have been interested in different subjects, which always relate to the same theme: personal growth. It was during my research and reading on this particular subject that I discovered the Law of Attraction. This simple and effective principle consists in mentally visualizing what one wishes to obtain or improve in one’s life. Then you think about it and you see the image in order to succeed in making it happen. In fact, it is to see what we want to achieve and to implement the means to achieve it.

It is by using this method that I chose everything that constitutes my life today, that I manage to achieve my dreams and achieve my goals. Father of two beautiful children, I always wanted to offer them the best and above all I wanted to help them overcome their own difficulties. I wanted to become a positive model for them, especially for my older daughter who, despite her 9 years, was already meeting many challenges. As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I continued to use the force of the Law of Attraction to grow and achieve my personal and professional goals.

Today, I am making a fresh start by founding the company Zone Inspire. After a long process of more than three years creating visual tools to inspire me and achieve my goals, I decided, in August 2018, to share my methods and my tools with others. Basically developed for my family and me, these simple and attractive cards, composed of inspiring sentences and quotes, are thus easy to integrate into a hectic life and, between you and me, sometimes chaotic! Throughout my week, between routine, appointments and my work, time for myself sometimes runs out. So this is a unique and effective way for me to keep the focus and motivation on the goals and dreams that I have. It is therefore the principles of the law of attraction that guide my creativity and today serve as the foundation of the business.

After putting a test product on the market, I was able to better understand the clientele and their needs. I then realized that additional training would be beneficial for the development of the business. So, in order to get off on the right foot and have a solid foundation, I chose to carry out training in starting a business.

For my family and me, this business allows us to strengthen the ties that unite us, since each contributes in his own way to this beautiful project. Joy and unique moments shared to cogitate and discuss all together, that’s what Zone Inspire is made of. So I invite you to embark with me on this great adventure, in search of a life filled with positive thoughts and happiness. Thank you for being part of my dream!

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